Located in the heart of Yokohama.
Right next to Yokohama Stadium!

横浜セントラルホステル(ゲストハウス)Yokohama Central Hostel


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Chai Tea Cafe (チャイティーカフェ)

Situated in the heart of Chinatown is this whimsical themed cafe, which is paired with their aromatic Spiced Chai tea drinks and desserts. Definitely not your ordinary type of tea! Either you opted for milk or soy, hot or cold, cake or tart, you can never go wrong with any of them. More interestingly, you can sit on the hammock or pick a creative table and have a glimpse of every corner’s interior while sipping your cup of chai tea.

We just paid another visit together with our guest.

Highly Recommended: Spiced Chai Tea
Find out more: https://www.chaiteacafe.jp
Cafe Menu : https://www.chaiteacafe.jp/menu/shop23/



公式サイト: https://www.chaiteacafe.jp
メニュー: https://www.chaiteacafe.jp/menu/shop23/